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Egypt: the PCF demands that all prisoners of conscience be freed

Translated Saturday 19 November 2011, by Richard Pond and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Expressing its disquiet, the French Communist Party condemns the brutal repression and attacks on free expression, freedom of conscience and the freedom to demonstrate, which persist in Egypt.

Despite the eviction of Mubarak and his regime, popular demonstrations, notably that of 9th October in front of state television’s Maspero building in Cairo, have been harshly repressed by the army. Repression of the protests has resulted in 27 deaths and in numerous arrests: for example that of the blogger Alaa Abdel Fatha who has been kept in detention because he refuses to reply to the interrogation to which the armed forces wished to subject him. The French Communist Party demands the immediate liberation of Alaa Abdel Fatha and of all other prisoners of conscience.

The Party reaffirms its full solidarity with the entire body of Egyptian democrats and progressives, with the Egyptian people and with all those who have contributed to a courageous popular uprising in the name of democracy and of human rights. The Party supports that group of political and social forces that are continuing their fight for change and freedom and that call upon the high council of the armed forces to cease repression. At stake is the future itself of Egypt’s democratic process.

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