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After being sworn in, François Hollande has plenty to attend to

Translated Wednesday 9 May 2012, by Charlotte Foyle and reviewed by Derek Hanson

The intense atmosphere of the presidential campaign and the victory of the socialist party’s candidate with 51.62% of the votes against Nicholas Sarkozy’s 48.38% leaves the way clear for the handover of power, which was arranged on Monday morning.

After all the celebrations and the excitement, the socialist party now has to plan for the assumption of power for the president-elect. The Constitutional Council has to officially validate the results published by the interior minister by this Thursday so that the handover of power can be carried out for good. In the meantime François Hollande agreed to meet the outgoing President on Tuesday 8th May during the celebrations to commemorate the end of the Second World War. The decision was made during a telephone conversation between Xavier Musca, Secretary General of the Elysée, and Pierre Moscovici, the director of François Hollande’s campaign.

Preparing the ground for the future

On Monday morning the president-elect called together the inner circle of his campaign headquarters to ‘prepare the ground for the future’. He was joined, among others, by Pierre Moscovici, director of the campaign and Manuel Valls, director of the campaign’s communications. “We’re going to take stock, look at the results and prepare the ground for the future”, explained Manuel Valls, before adding, “It’s up to François Hollande to establish the main terms”.

No accelerated transition for Hollande

For the moment, little information has been given about the handover of power, the division of tasks and the formation of teams. Manuel Valls merely indicated that this information will be communicated in the coming hours and that the president-elect had not requested an accelerated transition, with the deadline of Nicolas Sarkozy’s departure scheduled for the evening of 15th May.

Visit to Berlin after the inauguration

An extremely busy week is already lined up François Hollande’s team. On the agenda is forming a team, preparing files and attending the first international visits. As was announced by François Hollande during his campaign, a first visit to Berlin to meet the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is planned for very shortly after the inauguration of Mr. Hollande, according to Pierre Moscovici.

Despite strong tensions between the UMP Party and the Socialist Party throughout the campaign, the handover of power seems to be being organised in a calmer climate, with the director of François Hollande’s campaign underlining the importance of a “very quick, very important and symbolic phone call for our democracy” between the president-elect and Nicolas Sarkozy. “It’s the continuation of the State”.

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