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More than a third of iPhone owners in America are under FBI surveillance

Translated Saturday 22 September 2012, by Elaine Scott and reviewed by Derek Hanson

Antisec hactivists have published a document denouncing the FBI surveillance of more than 12 million American iPhone owners. The hacker group describes this act as highly political.

12,367,232 unique iPhone identifiers, sometimes with personal information, such as addresses and telephone numbers, are being held by the FBI. Hactivists benefited from a flaw with Java to recover documents from the professional computer of an FBI agent. As proof, they published about a million of these details, removing any information which was too personal.

This is not merely an act of bravado by the group Antisec, who justify their actions in a long and well written political press release. At the annual hackers conference in Las Vegas, an NSA general arrived to teach participants a lesson: hacking, yes, but to help the state and to improve national security. In an ironic move, hackers decided to honour this statement by “testing” the FBI’s security system and finding this document. What are the FBI doing with 12 million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDID)? This is anything but innocent, however the intention for these details remains unknown. What is certainly most concerning is the geolocation of individuals rather than telephone tapping.

In any case, for Antisec, it is an opportunity to protest against the United States who approve of hacking only if it is in conjunction with their cyber war. For example, Bradley Manning, an American soldier, was imprisoned in appalling conditions for having participated in the circulation of a video showing American soldiers shooting at journalists. If the hackers are to be believed, this is just the beginning of real fight, whose goal is to reveal the criminality of the system which imprisons anybody who thinks differently and to show how much the truth is feared.

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