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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Groupe Doux: 1000 salariés sur le carreau

by Bonnehorgne Xavier

Doux Group: 1000 Employees Left High And Dry

Translated Saturday 22 September 2012, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Derek Hanson

The bankruptcy court in Quimper handed down its verdict at 3 p.m. on Sept. 10 concerning the partial buy-out offers for the Doux group’s fresh products division. Only five out of eight production sites will be purchased, leaving 1000 employees without a job.

It is no surprise that the bankruptcy court has chosen to validate the partial buy-out offers for the production sites in Blancafort, Boynes, Laval, Sérent, and Pleucadeuc, which employ around 700 workers. On the other hand, there is no future for the group’s other three production sites – Graincourt, La Vraie-Croix, and Le Pontet.

Workers left to pick up the pieces

Following the court decision, Jean-Luc Guillard, the top CFDT trade union officer at Doux, declared: “Announcing that there are over a thousand layoffs is not satisfactory, especially at a company like ours, which had the potential to maintain all of these jobs. The company has been left adrift and the workers are left to pick up the pieces.”

On Sept. 5, the employees had gathered outside the bankruptcy court to demonstrate their anger and to condemn the “not really serious” buy-out offers. Charles Doux, the boss of the company, was verbally aggressed on that occasion. Before the compulsory liquidation of the group in June, Doux had been condemned by the trade unions for his policy of off-shoring, even when European export refunds and mechanisms to reduce social security contributions and taxes on labor costs were available to the company.

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