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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: La petite-fille de Mao est millionnaire

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Mao’s granddaughter a millionaire

Translated Wednesday 15 May 2013, by Harry Cross

The granddaughter of Mao Zedong has appeared on a public list of millionaires leading to accusations of hypocrisy charged at a regime which continues to officially claim to uphold the revolutionary ideals upon which the People’s Republic was founded.

In 2001, Kong Dongmei opened a library in Beijing dedicated to "Red Culture".Forty-year-old Kong Dongmei and her husband Chen Dongsheng are in 242nd place on a list of rich indivuals published by the Chinese financial magazine New Fortune. Their worth is estimated at 5 billion Yuan (806 million dollars). Mrs Kong is the granddaughter of Mao and He Zizhen, his third wife. In 2001, she opened a library in Beijing featuring “red culture”, promoting the revolutionary proletarian cause that had existed at the founding of communist China in 1949.

But many on the internet have commented her ironic lack of any Maoist sense of selflessness. Mrs Kong was also criticised for having broken the One Child Policy. According to New Fortune, the couple have three children. “Chairman Mao brought about the eradication of private property, but his prodigy have embraced capitalism and violated family planning policies” wrote Luo Chongmin, a government adviser from the southwest of the country.

This controversy takes place while a famous filmmaker Zhang Yimou, one of the leading cultural officials of China, has also been accused of breaking – repeatedly – the draconian One Child Policy. The director of “Wives and Concubines” has at least seven children.

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