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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Espagne : manifestation contre la privatisation de la santé

by (No author listed in the on-line version)

Spain : Demonstration against Healthcare Privatisation

Translated Tuesday 21 May 2013, by Dim Arc

Thousands of people, many of them doctors and nurses, demonstrated this Sunday in Madrid against budget cuts in healthcare and privatisation of the management of several hospitals in the capital city.

Thousands of protesters demonstrated in the centre of the capital city, a banner before them on which was written: “Health is not for sale, it must be defended”. The demonstrators, waving placards proclaiming “Health is on sale” or “Budget cuts in healthcare are criminal”, demanded that the budget cuts in health sector be stopped.

They also asked the regional governor, a conservative, to go back on his decision to privatise the management of six hospitals out of the 20 most important ones in Madrid, as well as 27 health centres – out of 270 in the autonomous region. Once gathered on the very symbolic Puerta del Sol, the protesters read a manifesto in which they declared they “would not accept the destruction of public health service”.

Since last November, trade unions have often protested against budget cuts that, according to them, are threatening public health. When Mariano Rajoy’s right-wing government introduced the healthcare system reform, seven billion euros were expected to be saved each year, an effort that the regions have to assume, as they are in charge of healthcare budgets management.

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