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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Syrie. Avec la peau des autres

by José Fort

Syria. With other people’s lives

Translated Monday 2 September 2013, by Kristina Wischenkamper

Every public and private radio and television station, most websites—it’s a generalized movement. Columnists, breakfast tv experts (of all kinds, and in everything), unverified eye-witnesses, retired military. All are on the bridge with only one mission: get public opinion to accept a war waged by Western powers on the Syrian conflict.

There’s a horrible sensation of déjà vu. Remember the first US war on Iraq when the French media morphed into Staff HQ broadcasting live missile strikes and their greenish trails, spreading disinformation that led to the terrible outcome that we all know? These people are ready again to do battle with other people’s lives. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya did not satisfy them. Newcomer showmen Obama and Holland want their war too and they can once again count on the media being their puppets.

They are playing with fire. One that can engulf the already ailing region, and continue beyond it. Because one question is never asked: What if, in the madness of war escalation, someone was itching to press the atomic weapons button?

UK Stop the War coalition is organizing an emergency protest on Wednesday 28 August at 5pm in Downing Street, London.

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