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Maurice Audin Was Executed By Order Of Général Massu

Translated Saturday 11 January 2014, by Isabelle Métral

In his book La vérité sur la mort de Maurice Audin (The Truth About Maurice Audin’s Death), published last Thursday, journalist Jean-Charles Deniau claims that the communist militant [1] was executed by order of Général Massu [2] and with the assent of the French government of that time..

“It was no blunder : the crime was perpetrated by the State,” the author of the book asserted last Wednesday on France Inter. In his book (Équateur pub.) , the reporter and film-maker narrates the last moments of the young mathematician who, after his arrest by the French army on June 11th, 1957 was “reported missing”.

[1An opponent of France’s colonialist war in Algeria, Maurice Audin was arrested by the French military and disappeared. His death has remained a mystery ever since.

[2Général Massu later admitted that he had condoned the use of torture against Algerian independence fighters and used it himself.,

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