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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Nouveau gouvernement : « Une sidérante fin de non recevoir » (Olivier Dartigolles – PCF)

by Olivier Dartigolles, Communist Party spokesperson

The New Government: "A Staggering Refusal to Listen" (Communist Party)

Translated Friday 4 April 2014, by Richard Pond

Although the French government’s policies have been harshly judged by voters in the municipal elections, the composition of the new Cabinet confirms the government’s staggering refusal to listen. That refusal is symbolised by the appointment of Manuel Valls to the premiership. [1] This shows that President Hollande and the main leaders of the Socialist Party are genuinely determined not to take into account the true state of the country, its suffering and the level of people’s expectations.

So, no change? Not exactly, because this new "trimmed-down" government will be one that emphasises the austerity treatment - with an aggravation of the political crisis as its first consequence.

A striking sign of this is that barely a few minutes before the announcement of the new government, François Hollande left for Brussels with the responsibility pact in his arms: 50 billion euros of savings and a fresh attack on the financing of social security, disguised as a "solidarity pact".

We propose to take an altogether different direction, with a march on 12 April, the march of the people’s and citizens’ movement, a remobilisation of the entire left, together with socialists and greens who do not want austerity to be the only possible future.

Today, this government - whose struggle consists in abandoning our country to the financial markets - does not have a leftist majority at its disposal in the National Assembly. The coming days could see the start of a new period in politics with a big debate about the alternatives, the solutions, and the important projects to support in order to obtain leftwing change.

Olivier Dartigolles, spokesperson for the French Communist Party

[1Manuel Valls, a leading representative of the rightwing of the Socialist Party, was formerly Minister of the Interior.

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