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Ebola – the virus threatens East Africa. Governments play it down.

Ebola Le virus menace l’Afrique orientale, les gouvernements minimisent

Translated Saturday 12 July 2014, by Michael Peters

The World Health Organisation (WHO) yesterday called on West African governments to take “drastic measures” faced with the Ebola virus, which has already claimed 399 lives in the region since April. The WHO also announced that a meeting, with 11 affected countries, will take place in Accra (Ghana) at the start of July. Since the start of the year, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the three most affected countries, have counted 635 reported cases of this often fatal and highly contagious virus. Numerous doctors are accusing the governments of inaction and of having “lied” to play down the severity so as not to “scare off investors”. The Guinean President, Alpha Condé, placed the blame on Médecins Sans Frontières, holding them “accountable” and stating that “everything isn’t as it should be in their behaviour”, after the NGO declared on Monday that the virus was now “out of control”.

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