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Building Trades: Figures on Illegal Work Revealed

Translated Thursday 21 August 2014, by Gene Zbikowski

In the building trades, around one company in seven (14%) used illegal work in 2013, according to an ACOSS report.

In the building trades, roughly one company out of seven (14%) used illegal work in 2013. This is what is disclosed by the latest, July 30 report by ACOSS, the organization that collects social security contributions. Whereas in past years sectors such as the hotel-retail-restaurant trade were targeted, this year ACOSS looked into the building trades. ACOSS made random checks of 2,605 companies, of which 13.7% were breaking the law. The cheating took the form of bosses not recording pay on their books, declaring fewer hours than those actually worked, and not paying social security contributions. The survey indicates that 8% of the workers were undeclared, a figure that is “probably understated.”

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