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The future European Commissioner for Climate Action is close to the petroleum industry.

Translated Sunday 12 October 2014, by Caroline Lefour

It’s a bit much! Jonathan Hill, the future European Commissioner in charge of regulation of the banking sector, was previously a financier. And he’s not the only one flirting with a conflict of interests in Jean-Claude Juncker’s future team. It is thought that Arias Cañet, founder of two petroleum companies: Petrolifera Ducar and Petrologis Canaras, will get the Climate Action and Energy portfolio. Despite the fact that the treaties envisage that “the members of the Commission are chosen (…) amongst those who guarantee independence”, as it was reminded in a declaration made to the Monde by the deputies of Europe Ecology–The Greens. Candidate for European representation, on the 16th May, Cañete declared: “Debate between a man and a woman is very complicated. If a man takes advantage of a woman’s superior intelligence, he looks like a macho trying to exploit her defencelessness.” G.D.

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