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Social Security: CGT Calls for Mobilization on October 16

Translated Sunday 12 October 2014, by Gene Zbikowski

We’re all concerned by the bill on social security financing, presented at the meeting of the French Cabinet on Oct. 8, because every worker participates in financing social security so that we will all have benefits to live well, access to good health care, and be able to work well and grow old well.

Not enough contributions, excessive expenditures, the aging population – you supposedly have to accept that our social security system is no longer viable, give up on social security, and contract private insurance policies to protect yourself. The future is supposedly one of "look out for number one", whereas social security and its mode of financing were conceived precisely in order to guarantee a place for everyone in society, whereas today, more than ever, in the face of growing inequality and precariousness regarding the future, solidarity has to be defended.

On the eve of the debate on the bill to finance social security (PFLSS 2015) in the National Assembly, the CGT trade union confederation is calling workers to participate in a national day of mobilizations. The demonstration is part of the campaign to reconquer social security, both regarding the question of its financing and the way it meets workers’ needs. It is one aspect of the campaign on the cost of capital that the CGT has been waging for the past several months. Hence the CGT intends to associate the question of wages, jobs and work with the goal of reconquering social security.

The day of mobilization will take place in a large number of places as a united protest, with joint calls by local organizations of the CGT, FSU and Solidaires trade union confederations. The high point will be a national rally in Paris, in the course of which there will be speeches by representatives of the CGT federations in the areas of health care, social services and social organizations, as well as by the CGT’s general secretary, Thierry Lepaon. In the French regions, CGT organizations will put forward demands to the prefectures, regional health agencies and members of parliament in the form of motions, rallies, demonstrations and press conferences.

Thierry Lepaon, the CGT’s general secretary, will participate in the protest march which will begin in the Place de la Nation in Paris at 1 p.m. and end at the Place de la République, where a rally will be held at 3 p.m.

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