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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Défense de nourrir les...S.D.F. !

by Eugénie Barbezat

It is Prohibited to Feed the Homeless

Translated Sunday 28 December 2014, by Guy Langloy

Residents at the Dhalenne Residence managed by Habitat Public, (the subsidized housing authority) of Saint-Ouen were appalled to discover on December 15th leaflets of a surprising character posted on the halls of their appartment buildings.

Habitat Public threatens residents with sanctions and even eviction for helping the homeless gathered in the halls of public housing.

A shocking statement

It was literally stated that « it is prohibited for the residents to provide any logistic help or to feed the homeless. » This injunction is illegal since there is no law against feeding someone.

Reactions from the elected members of the opposition

The leftist elected members have denounced this « message » and demanded that Christian Deglarges, the new President of the Office of Subsidized Housing and William Delannoy, the mayor of Saint-Ouen remove this threat and come out with a public explanation.

« Threatening eviction for those who simply give food to the hungry is contrary to the values of our Republic and our city’s tradition of solidarity, creates a climate of suspicion and distrust among residents and destroys the social fabric of our society. » They also added « Mr. Mayor, if you really wish to reduce the number of homeless people and thus ‘improve living conditions’, you should find long lasting solutions to poverty, maintain a percentage of 40% of subsidized housing in our city and remove the eviction order put forth by the previous municipality. You must audit the indebted families accounts rather than evict them and in turn condemn them to becoming homeless. This way you will stop the infernal spiral of poverty and perform – with humanity – the tasks you were elected for. »

The Right to Lodging Association and other human rights groups have voiced their anger and indignation.

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