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by Patrick Le Hyaric


Translated Saturday 10 January 2015, by Brooke Cochran

Patrick Le Hyaric

The editorial of Patrick Le Hyaric: "Dear George Wolinski, Cabu, Charb, Tignous, Honoré, and all the others, we cry for you and we will never forget you, faithful to the subversive power of your art which cost you your life."

No words can name the horrible attack perpetrated yesterday in the middle of Paris, eliminating our friends, our comrades at Charlie Hebdo, one by one, in cold blood during a conference. A newspaper, its journalists, its cartoonists were shot down by forces of terror. Others were wounded. Faced with these militants, they only had their pens to defend themselves.

Families will be in bereavement forever. We provide them assurance of our compassion, our solidarity. Beyond the death of our comrades, it is an attack against intelligence, the act of creating, and the right to think. Against freedom and democracy, as was the case in our history’s darkest and most tragic hours. Terror and death are the weapons wielded against fraternity, culture, debate, and any inclination to free oneself from a reactionary and obscurantist project. This we must admit.

The targets are the Republic, its values, history, enlightenment, and secularism. This is a republic of tolerance, of respect for the other. No matter what you think, Charlie Hebdo’s writing, drawings, and caricatures reveal hidden faces of this world’s turpitude and its agents. To be able to publish these things as well as to dispute their contents is an integral part of the democratic debate. A united Republic must immediately express its views with the strength and dignity required under these circumstances. We will support any initiative which will allow united, assembled citizens this form of expression. Obviously, we refuse, and will continue to refuse, to mix up these barbarians with any particular religion, and we will intensify our fight against all forms of racism and Anti-Semitism such as Islamophobia.

Neither can we accept the cynical game of those who, for a few months now, have played with hatred, racism, extremism of the right, and open-mic amalgams for political reasons, spitting out their hatred of the foreign in various ways. All of this is nourishing the pernicious xenophobic climate enveloping France for too long. We call for an end to these political games. We call for resisting the collapse of public discussion. Humanité’s staff is in mourning. Among the victims, killed with the most contemptible cynicism and insensitivity, were several of our colleagues and friends who participated each day in enriching our newspaper with their immense talent, bringing a critical and biting perspective on world events.

Dear George Wolinski, Cabu, Charb, Tignous, Honoré, and all the others, we cry for you and we will never forget you, faithful to the subversive power of your art which cost you your life. This terrible drama and these lives that were stolen away command us to defend the values of freedom, tolerance, fraternity and equality every step of the way. In these tragic hours, in a context where tension keeps mounting, the Republic, indivisible, tolerant, secular, and social, must become more tenacious than ever. It must resist and face up to these cowards and these barbarians.

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