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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: André Tosel, philosophe (*)

by anonymous

André Tosel, Philosopher

Translated Monday 1 June 2015, by Gene Zbikowski

“A crucial combat in a world that has reinvented hell”

Humanité dimanche is right to embark upon (to transmit) the combat for equality. It’s crucial because we’re returning to situations where even equality of rights is being questioned. Material conditions are such that judicial equality, the most fundamental equalities, the equalities of the liberal societies engendered by bourgeois revolution, are no longer guaranteed. You won’t be treated the same way at a trial depending on whether you have money or not, or you have a lawyer or not. As for social equality, it‘s been brought to a gigantic halt. We need to assess this upheaval, this reversal of trend which has characterized the period from the late 1980s to today: the growth of neo-free-trade-ism, of real inequality, of pressure on labor, of the reduction in social rights, of the cutting-back of elementary needs, together with, simultaneously, and this is contradictory, the stimulation of consumption. All this has taken place in the framework of a European Union, a sub-imperialism, in which the neo-free-trade revolution has been realized and imperialism has remodeled itself.

“In this context, the question of neo-colonialism is massively posed, notably in the Middle East and in Africa, aggravating inequality among the peoples and inequality in development. What equality can there be in the world when hell has been re-invented? When so many peoples are subjected to war with its train of poverty, social regression, and violence against women? Yes, social equality, real equality, equality among the peoples – we have to reconquer them in this frightening and complex climate of imperialism and of another re-division of the world.”

André Tosel’s latest published work is “Essais pour une culture du future” (Essays for a culture of the future) published by Editions du Croquant/Espaces Marx in 2014.

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