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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Éric Woerth invente une « immigration religieuse »

by Lionel Venturini

Éric Woerth invents a “religious immigration”

Translated Monday 31 August 2015, by D. Phillips

When invited by the program Questions d’info on LCP on June 17, the general delegate in charge of The Republicans project confirmed Nicolas Sarkozy’s party’s anti-Islam stance. After calling for a “religious immigration” in France, a distinction was made between “people who have religions other than Catholic or Jewish religions. This is an immigration which comes from other countries, so this creates problems of integration,” Éric Woerth explained, The Republicans “do not want the automatic acquisition of French nationality.” He announced the organization of a “day” to “reflect on these issues,” similar to the closed meeting, devoted to Islam, like one that the party organized on June 4. “We are trying to update our party’s software with respect to the world as it is today,” says the mayor of Chantilly regarding the debate Nicolas Sarkozy initiated concerning immigration and the jus solis (birth-right) principle, in order to compete with the Front National.

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