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The path is clear for the adoption of a nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States

Translated Saturday 5 September 2015, by Rosalind Sanders

The final obstacles preventing a historic agreement on nuclear energy between the reforming Iranian president Rohani and the big powers (the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Russia) are disappearing.

This agreement would allow Iran to use nuclear power for civil purposes if the country agrees to renounce using nuclear technology for military purposes. Barack Obama seems likely to win this battle in Congress having yesterday rallied enough senators ahead of the vote, which is set to take place later on this month. The addition of democratic senator Barbara Mikulski, the last to approve the adoption of this pact, has brought the number of senators in favour of this agreement up to 34. This is the minimum number of votes that the president of the United States must have in order to reach the minority in the Senate needed to block any attempt by the Republicans, who have the majority in Congress, to sabotage the bill.

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