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Education: More than one in two teachers on strike against the reform of lower secondary schools

A “red card” for the Ministry of Education

Translated Friday 29 January 2016, by Anne Sanders

A “red card” for the Ministry of Education.

A day of strikes against the reform of lower secondary schools, for pupils of 11-15, called by an inter-union group of the Snes-FSU and Snalc teaching unions, and the FO, CGT and SUD public sector unions, was hugely successful. More than 50% of teachers who were due to take classes responded to the call to action, and the march of protesters in Paris, several thousand strong, mingled with that of the public sector workers.

Teachers in lower secondary schools are particularly critical of the greater autonomy to be granted to schools by this reform, as well as the compulsory introduction of cross-curricular teaching, the reduction in teaching time for school subjects, the lack of human resources and inconsistencies in relevant training given to teachers.

“As we approach the period of preparation for the start of the new academic year in September, teachers at secondary level are weighing up the potential effects of the reform on their profession and on the conditions of study for their pupils,” say the Snes-FSU union. “Having stubbornly refused to listen to the profession, the Minister may face serious consequences.” The union is making increasingly strong demands for the repeal of the program.

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