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# France. What is next?

Translated Thursday 4 May 2017, by Nicola Miguleuff

# France. What is next?

Mélenchon got 19, 64 % of votes in the first round. First of all this is the Victory of healthy ideas regardless of mass neoliberal propaganda and the informational blockade on the part of official media. This indicator means that the ideas can conquer the financial capital. It is important to continue the work on the liquidation of ignorance and on the formulation of ideas and designing the mechanism how to form a just society. The best weapon against fascism is the involvement of broad sectors of public in this creative and useful work.

However, let us go back from the orientations for the future to the analysis of what happened and what serious Russian analysts think on that. According to a “leak” from Belgian news agency, Russian hackers have welcomed the victory of Macron in the first round of elections. In Kremlin they rub their hands quietly… The ruling oligarchy of ultra-liberal Russia actively used the myth of friendship between Putin and Le Pen in order to support Macron. The provocation with the trip of Le Pen to Russia has worked in the favor of Moscow. Russian oligarchs do not need nationally oriented France; otherwise, they will have to negotiate with that kind of France about geopolitics and about the principles of social development. In Russia monarchical liberalism reigns and it acts in favor of financial oligarchy.

In the world of financial capital, there is a need in the puppet-presidents faithfully serving to the interests of international corporations. It is informational fascism that ensures the leadership of the former banker. Bravo, media industry! Well done. The professionals worked. The reality show was successful: the ocean of noises and emotions, Macron was giving kisses to the audience, Hamon and Fillon gave up slavishly long before the closure of polling stations, advising their electorate to vote for Macron, just in case the crowd of anarchists was put on the street at the day of elections. At the same time, exit polls were intensively pumping the Macron’s victory by promoting the following data: Macron 24%, Le Pen – 21%, Fillon – 20 %, Mélenchon – 18%. Showing up in Belgian press, this piece of news flied immediately around the “free democratic” media of Canada, the USA, Russia and other countries.

What will happen to France if the citizens remain under the influence of tear gas of media and choose mignon Monsieur Macron? Great Nothing! The weak politician who has big ambitions and who is oriented to the USA. Macron is the French version of Mister Gorbachev. When in the USSR the communists turned from the creators of a just society to the burocratic opportunists, Gorbachev, trained by the USA, brought the virus of “free market” and “democracy” instead of treatment to the lost soviet people… Since then the wild capitalism has been tearing up the country.

Populism is walking around the planet. Trump, now France where all candidates are competing in the art of making show. It is a well-known fact that there is just one step from populism to fascism. Rhetoric of choice between “good” and “evil” that is imposed on citizens by journalists and where Macron plays the role of Prince in the shining amours leads to the vicious simplified logic and blocks the possibility of rational choice. The Macron’s program is to smile and to be happy; jumping voters, fanatic women looking obsequiously at young male….All this stuff looks like a football match or a concert of a pop-idol and it is very far from the intellectual political rhetoric.

Where will the French Republic go if it chooses the French Gorbachev? May be it will go even further to the precipice of borderless neoliberalism. France will get to know all the beauties of full dependency on the financial international lobby of the USA. Europeans struggled for a stable euro, but American oligarchy needs a strong dollar. French together with other EU countries built their Eurospace, but the space is occupied by GPS, and new players are unwelcomed. Europeans dreamt to close the flow of migrants. However, America does not plan it so it means that it is not included in Macron’s plan. Is there strong French culture and the national identity? Who tells you that French culture is necessary? You hear Monsieur Macron repeating mantra of his American masters that there is no French culture at all, didn’t you? The leveling of cultures is the geopolitical strategy of financial dictatorship. Macron is an artificial creature of financial elite, he addresses to the electorate who is half-educated or educated by neoliberals. Mélenchon and Le Pen addressed to the tradition, to people who are for the strong France, not for a country that is tolerant to everything. Meanwhile due to the efforts of colleagues from overseas the traditional values of French are changing rapidly. Moreover, the number of French is decreasing dramatically and they are replaced with half-educated migrants who easily believe in populism. The operation of national identity wiping was successfully conducted with Germans during the II World War. Now Germans are ashamed of being Germans, they prefer to be Europeans. As if German people is guilty in the horror of fascism that was supported financially from overseas!

Europe is between an anvil of the USA and a hammer of China. Russia is of no account, there is nothing they can take away from it. Who will swallow the EU? China that widens its economic expansion with the help of its logistical strategy “One belt – one road”. Or the USA, that conducts an aggressive foreign policy in order to flood the EU with migrants and frighten it with terrorists through supporting such groups as ISIL. The USA imposes on the EU the doubtful pleasures of free trade but in fact the corporate dictatorship of American mega-corporations (The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)). Macron is beneficial to the US State Department, he will let squash the French military. Today French sell the weapons up to $40 billion per year.
France is at the deep systematic crisis and all candidates agreed on that. Who will lead the Republic out of this crisis? Is this a young cool boy? Nobody knows including himself what he will do in the world of real politics. All in his program is just a copy-paste, snatches, successful slogans from other candidates’ programs. He does not have any vision about France’s future. Will the France’s interests be taken into consideration? No, but the interests of Monsanto and other corporations will stand high!

What will grow in France during 5 year of active war against nationalism and French ambitions on big politics? Well, we should agree with the opinion of French analysts (for example, Fabrice Aubert) that there will be the growth of nationalism.
Let me express quiet a strange thought at first sight that it is necessary to unite a common front against the financial capital, where extreme left, extreme right, nationalists, communists and republican-conservators might work together not for the sake of themselves and present day but for the sake of the future that is formed with our actions today!

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