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Macron wrecks a Communist Party proposal on Europe

Translated Saturday 28 April 2018, by Francis Wurtz

Macron ignores a Communist Party proposal on Europe

"Jupiter" inaugurated last week (at Epinal in the Vosges) the famous "citizen consultations on Europe" that he planned to organize throughout France until next October. Declared goal: to integrate the expectations and the proposals of the citizens into his project of "refoundation" of the European Union! Even better: the President of the Republic says he convinced most of his European counterparts to do the same. Therefore, an overall synthesis of the contributions collected is planned for the European Council of Heads of State and Government of the "27" in December. Emmanuel Macron assures us: "The priorities, concerns, ideas "thus identified" will feed our roadmap for the Europe of tomorrow"! (1)

Has the host of the Elysée endorsed any proposals at all made by the Communist Party since 2012, according to which "France will take the initiative of the States-General of the European refoundation"? Not really! For the Communists, it was very much like the experience of citizen democracy of 2005 on the draft European Constitutional Treaty: to allow the clear preferences of the people to change the policies and the functioning of the EU to be heard clearly. And this at the European level, giving voice to political forces, trade unions, associations, networks of citizens from as many European countries as possible. We are certain that... the aspirations for social development, for the defense of the environment, for a reorientation of money towards "the human first", for an extension of the possibilities of international exchanges to all young people, to effective involvement of citizens and national parliaments in major European decisions, major European diplomatic initiatives in favor of a world of peace etc ... these aspirations would have literally flooded these debates! The aim was to avoid any misuse of the European debate by both nationalists and neoliberals.

Instead, the Macron questionnaire immediately suggests as priorities "the fight against terrorism" or "European defense". And, in any case, in the eyes of Emmanuel Macron - the railway workers know something about this - the "consultations" are about nothing more than "democratically" endorsing the choices made in advance in high places. This is all the more true at the European level: even an average voter of the "République en Marche" would understand that relying on governments already in place in the EU to assess the expectations of Europeans at their summit at the end of 2018 leaves little suspense about the content of the "European refoundation" in question ... Nevertheless, let us learn the cynical lesson from the electoral process represented by these "Macron debates": 1) The awareness that, since "We cannot build Europe without the consent of its peoples", therefore, 2) We pretend that the "Macron debates" are an expression of that consent. It is a kind of homage of vice to virtue! And a real challenge to the forces of progress.

(1) Speech at the Sorbonne (26/9/2017)
(2) Nathalie Loiseau, Minister for European Affairs

April 26, 2018

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