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by Maurice Ulrich


Translated Tuesday 3 July 2018, by Paula Smith

It has been said that, Churchill, in the midst of the war, was questioned with regards to continuing his support towards the arts and culture in such circumstances. Very conservative as he was, he responded: “But well, why are we fighting?”

We have recently heard, in relation to Aquarius and its passengers, various calls not to mix emotions and reason, humanity and the reality principle, or even not to resume morality and politics. Clearly, it would be justified to worry when we are good-hearted and caring, why cannot be, due to the risk of…of what, actually? To welcome migrants with dignity and respect? To see us invaded by hoards of migrants, or even simply needing a revision of the politics which will put an end to Europe which is protected by a fortress and which is incapable of taking measures to cope with world-wide urgencies. To go as far as Trump, separating children from their parents? One must not mix humanity, morals, and politics. But well, why are we fighting?

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