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by Julia Hamlaoui

The Left. FCP tables all the options for its Congress.

Translated Thursday 19 July 2018, by Annette Mitchell

Monday, 4 June 2018
Julia Halilovic
This weekend the Communist leadership adopted a set of guiding principles to allow debate between contradictory positions. Its National Secretary, Pierre Laurent, indicated his availability to stand for another term.
A new chapter opens for the FCP with its Congress on November 24, 25 and 26 because of discussions this weekend. Yesterday, after lively discussion, the National Directorate of Formation, adopted, by 49 votes in favour, 26 against and 16 abstentions, its draft set of guiding principles ("Common Core", according to militant terminology). The initial version was largely amended, and "this text proposes a new way of resolving the remaining central issues in debate," summarizes Guillaume Roubaud-Quashie, a member of the commission which drafted it. In concrete terms, three subjects (assessment of the Left Front Period, strategic issues and the future formation directorates) and the differing positions on them are recorded in "debated" inserts. Integrating a contested issue in text is an innovative approach. Regarding those points we consider that what is proposed in the ‘Common Core’ project must be developed, says Pierre Laurent, who sees it as a ’ rallying cry for the Communists ’.
The National Secretary of the FCP also seized the opportunity, this weekend, to disclose his intentions: "I am available for a new mandate in a thoroughly renewed direction," he said. “The new faces of the Communist Party must be put forward”. Certain people think it “necessary to thoroughly renew the National Directorate, including the National Secretary”, while others think it is a matter of “political choices rather than about the choice of people”. As with the assessment of the alliance with Jean-Luc Melenchon, there are different views concerning the strategic sector. For example, between adherents of the “Popular Unity Fronts” based on militant action and ‘a permanent National Political Forum’ and those who see this has “a risk of reproducing past defeats”.

In addition to these three issues, certain others were discussed this weekend, such as feminism, anti-racism, ecology, work. Here too, the debate continues, at the Place du Colonel Fabien, especially since these latter topics are among the "five revolutionary transformations" with which the PCF would like to be identified (in addition to Public Services and Taking Control over Money), according to the text adopted this weekend.
Not satisfied with the initial proposal, certain members of the Directorate argued for these "windows" of debate to avoid the "multiplication of alternative texts". At the Congress of Formation, in 2016, five texts in all were submitted to the members’ vote. But not everyone was convinced. A few hours after the end of the National Council yesterday, eight of its members (most of whom in 2016 had supported the alternative text entitled "The Communist ambition for a Left popular citizen front") launched an appeal to draft another document. The text adopted "makes no new proposal regarding the concept of communism itself nor to that of a revolutionary process adapted to today’s globalized capitalism," according to the signatories, Deputy Elsa Faucillon and historian Frederick Genevée, who also criticizes "the abandonment of any idea of political construction of the Left". Among those who are opposed the adoption of the ’ Common Core project’ this Sunday, there are others could make the leap. In any event, the members of the FCP will be called upon to decide by vote between October 4 to 6.
The Communist Directorate has also, this weekend, taken one more step towards the European elections in May 2019. Ian Brossat, Deputy Mayor for Housing for Paris City, was designated the "leader", with a team comprising, notably, the outgoing MEPs, Patrick Le Hyaric, Marie-Pierre Vieu and Marie-Christine Vergiat. The FCP has reiterated its "readiness for a listing that unites the forces of the social, ecological and political Left" through an invitation addressed to them for an initial meeting in early July.

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