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The Luxury of Another Political Stance, To Believe in What You Say and Do ... But Damn, it’s Hard!

Translated Sunday 16 December 2018, by Henry Crapo, Hervé Fuyet

This beautiful picture of Willy Ronis. I still remember the day when he came to Colonel Fabien [1], to propose that the Party inherit his photo collection, the Party being the only institution in which he had confidence like so many artists, so many poets, because this Party was the one of the working class and also because Willy was Jewish, like Francis Lemarque, Le Chanois and so many others whose names did not reveal their origin… A small Jewish proletarian, from a family recently immigrated, and there having been at that time of the rail battle only the communists, the working class, the only class that had never betrayed Mauriac.....

Published in lePCF on Thursday 13 December 2018

As such I had the chance to meet this very great photographer several times and see him working in Messina in Sicily. The communists in Stalingrad gave me life, as they did for Willy Ronis, but they also gave me the opportunity throughout my life to fight justly alongside respectable individuals, the best... I never stop paying this debt even if sometimes I wonder why I am here...

His picture shows my city in the thickness of the fog and with the birds of bad omen....

This city of misery and revolt is constantly suffocated by political "combinations".

In the image of this distortion of meaning, we view this theft of human suffering that took place in the National Assembly yesterday. No, I refuse to participate in this... In the name of the dead as well as in respect of all my commitments.

Yes, I feel solidarity with those who suffer, with the eight dead buried under the ruins of unhealthy buildings, 60% of luxury housing unoccupied, and 40% of a housing in a state in which the poor are crowded, and of which we discover that the notables of the municipality, the bourgeoisie of Marseilles, own a large part. It is like going back to the time when the plague spread to Marseille because the aldermen of those days did not want to leave a ship in quarantine in Friuli; the load of fabric had to be sold at a nearby fair. The expected profits should not be lost. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, the galley men to whom freedom had been promised were evacuated, most of them dying…

The Marseillaise bourgeoisie has not changed, poor little people have died under rubble without any charges being brought. There is anger in the city, but it does not lift up the real victims, the poor relying on public assistance, who are afraid of losing everything if they move, if they escape the clientelism that rots this city.

At the Strasbourg Christmas market there were dead people, people who tried to believe that the Christmas spirit was these lights and shopping, a small amount of happiness on a fixed date as they never stop telling us, the time for the best turnover and when those who on the 15th of the month have nothing left to eat should get out and spend…

Poor people who had asked for nothing, who were immediately used to arouse part of the proletariat against those too silent, those relying on municipalassistance, this proletariat which, since November 17, is discovering the power of the collective, and has so much difficulty in giving it form, but which has created in everyone’s heart the idea that all they have been promised were false archipelagos, and this awareness that is advancing at full speed. We must find the collective, fight for each other. The money exists, we must take it where it is, something those in power will never do ... the rise towards class maturity of yellow vests, at the moment when the CGT, which has finished with its elections, enters the dance, and at the moment when the presidential speech has been a flop.

No, it is not necessary to engage in conspiracy theories and to imagine that this power is at the origin of the crime. This is still their way of thinking, that of their extreme right. To think in this way is still to submit to what they are, to their conception of power, there is better way to go … it is enough to measure the profit, the way in which the dominant ideology is that of the ruling class they try to make us all subjects respect their filthy power. The conspiracy does not exist, it is enough that they are what they are and that they make us bow down to their legitimacy, which they dare to call republican... Like the criminal aldermen of the plague that ravaged my city, they will have their name celebrated: rue chevalier Roze, rue Estelle, and the poor dead, the galley workers will have only anonymity... the aldermen have repented and they have made charity... it is quite enough for us to praise them, for their name to be praised forever...

We are still at that point ….

All this gave rise to indecent speeches on the republic in the National Assembly... I say it as I think. I wanted to vomit when I listened to the dialogue between the Prime Minister and Mélenchon, this agreement, this music hall of noble souls... Mélenchon whom I never insulted, but on whom I found here a dirty face, taking the floor after the intervention of Édouard Philippe. The complicity within the bourgeoisie, it is in the assembly that everything is settled and therefore in the polls, not in the streets... Could it have been clearer. The communists who had initiated the request for censorship in order to have its merit stolen immediately by this outrageous personality, a wind-bag,
and by the socialists, the communists still had the decency to ask for a postponement.

Who believes in the tears of these people, who feel something other than contempt for all those who support them on TV sets? when I think that these abominable hypocrites repeat to us that France is losing its reputation, while everywhere in Europe and in the world France has once again become "that air of freedom that made people dizzy".

To have the strength while the nausea takes you in front of these people to say and repeat that we must be very numerous at the demonstration of the 13th, during this weekend, to spread Fabien Roussel’s bill proposal: "The PCF group in the National Assembly will table a bill to take the profits of multinationals at source so that they do not escape the tax authorities in France, announced Sunday the Communist deputy of the North Fabien Roussel. "Because there’s nothing else to do but to fight these fights...

Being a communist has been the luxury of my life, the luxury of never forgetting the suffering of the little ones, the voiceless, those who have the courage to say NO like those who are crushed by injustice. No, I do not participate in any consensus. I have met with the communists, sometimes I still meet with them. I am still in the Party because it is there where there are the least fascists and because the little I can do is better than, like a little bourgeois woman, I drape myself in the excellence of my aspirations to an impossible ideal; but damn it’s hard...

Danielle Bleitrach

[1PCF headquarters in Paris

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