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by Bruno Odent

Mumia Abu-Jamal — A Formidable Success, But ...

Translated Monday 31 December 2018, by Henry Crapo

A first victory for the celebrated journalist, emprisoned for almost forty years, and for the most part on death row.

A judgement rendered on 27 December in Philadelphia opens, to his lawyers, the possibility of entering an appeal, within 30 days, of his conviction for the murder of a policeman. A militant communist, Mumia was condemned to death for the murder of a policeman in 1982, at the conclusion of an unjust trial: some persons from the black community were excluded from the jury by the sinister judge Sobo, who had promised the accusation that "I will help them fry that nigger". Even if one measures the breadth of this euphemism to qualify such a condemnation as "biased", this judgement constitutes a first breach in the wall. "It is a formidable success, but the future is not written", salutes Jacky Hortaut, co-organizer of the French collective "Libérons Mumia". The district attorney of Philadelphia, Larry Krasner, can, if he so decides, make an appeal against this decision of justice. More than ever, mobilisation is still the best arm to guarantee that justice is done, as all supporterrs of Mumia agree.

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