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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Does China brainwash its citizens?

by Peter Brown

Does China brainwash its citizens?

Translated Sunday 15 December 2019

Does China brainwash its citizens?

Peter Brown, former Former Vice President and Global Manager (1997-2006)

No basically, i mean how would you go about brainwashing 1.4 billion people and with an education system that leans so heavily towards STEM subjects

But it’s an interesting question and worth delving into.
How about turning it around and ask, are people in the west brainwashed into believing other countries brainwash their citizens?

As an elderly Brit, i can recall being taught that Britain won WW2 and like many of my fellow Brits, felt a strong sense of patriotism and pride in my country and their defeat of fascism, we had some help from the US but not much.
No mention of Russia ’s role, not a word about the atrocities China was enduring and certainly no mention of the Chinese assistance in WW1, which has more or less been deleted from the pages of history.
So i was brainwashed into believing a false narrative at school, pretty much as Islamic fundamentalism is taught in mosques, as the Hong Kong youth are brainwashed at their schools. So brainwashing happens when an historical or geophysical narrative is taught to young people

Secondly i watch many news outlets and i think most people will agree opinions and attitudes are shaped by the news we read or watch.
I would challenge anyone to watch Fox, CNN, BBC, RT and CGTN, and disagree with me that CGTN is by far and away the most cerebral.
They include academics in their panel discussions who are very impressive and knowledgeable not talking heads that we see on western mainstream media, who are confined by a very narrow, ill informed viewpoint that becomes gospel in the minds of many.
So i would conclude by saying brainwashing is a huge problem, but it’s not a Chinese problem and by this i mean a mainland Chinese problem. Apple Daily in Hong Kong is a propaganda outlet, but I don’t include that as being news

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