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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Le Kosovo, colonie de l’UE ?

by Guest of the week Tobias Pfluger, European parliament Deputy for the German Linkpartei, group member of the UEL/NGL.

Kossovo, a EU Colony?

Translated Saturday 31 March 2007, by Victoria Santiago

As requested by the UN, Marti Ahtisaari, (ex Finnish president) has drafted a plan to determine the future status of Kosovo.
Scheduled for debate at a meeting of the UN Security Council on March 26, the plan calls for a de facto detaching of the Province of Kosovo from the Republique of Serbia.

An adamant rejection of the plan by Serbia, backed by Russia, has been the foreseeable result of this redefinition of territory.
For the first time in International law, with UN approval, a national territory would be reduced, without the approval of the member nation involved.

The root of this situation is traceable to the war waged on Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999.

Even the Albanians don’t approve of the plan which would, instead of granting it freedom, turn Kosovo into a colony of the European Union.

Under the plan, the EU proconsul in Kosovo would be empowered to:
- repeal laws enacted by the Kosovo parliament, and
- change governmental decisions concerning the removal of elected officials or civil servants.

Political and economic control of Kosovo, granted to the UN representative by the 2001 Kosovo Constitution, would fall into the hands of the EU.

Also stipulated in the 2001 Kosovo constitution was the introduction of a “free market economy”.

Does that sound familiar?

The United Nations Authority in Kosovo has massively privatized the economy. Public companies have been sold below going price.
The KTA or the Kosovo Treuhand, a trust company, has been taken over.

Over the protests of the population, privatizations have been imposed by military force, as in the mine in Trepca, where 800 UN soldiers forced the the majority of the working population to comply with UN dictates.

The neo-conservative market economy has greatly contributed to the worsening of the socio-economic conditions of the people of Kosovo, a fact that will not deter further privatization under the UN banner.
Towards this end, Ahtisaari plans to install a trust company having the same powers as the KTA.

And Kosovo is to remain under the administration of Brussels until it "proves itself worthy" of integrating Europe”.

If Ahtisaari has his way, the EU will be able to govern Kosovo by special laws or decrees.

Contrary to military imposition and rule by special decrees, what is needed are negotiated solutions, acceptable to all interested parties and in accordance with international law.

The path chosen today can only lead to a deepening of tensions.

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