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Marie-George Buffet : in favour of regularization of all clandestine workers

Translated Monday 28 April 2008, by Edward Lamb

"They’re working, they’re paying Social Security contributions, they must be regularized". Marie-George Buffet expressed her opinion Friday 25th April from the restaurant "Chez Papa" where the workers continue their movement to obtain regularization (of their administrative situation).

The national secretary of the PCF (French Communist Party) came to manifest her endorsement of the clandestine worker’s struggle. In the 9th arrondissement of Paris, she pled for the regularization of all clandestine workers.

Following the example of more than 800 of their colleagues now on strike in the restaurant business, industrial cleaning companies or private security agencies in the Ile de France region, workers at the Parisian restaurant welcomed the national secretary of the PCF.

“By paying their social security contributions, these wage earners participate in France’s financial growth, and they have earned the right to national identity papers” insisted Marie-George Buffet.

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