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French Gipsy Travellers Are Still Discriminated Against
Why are French travelers not treated like their fellow-citizens? Official surveys and recommendations are clear enough, Marc Bodigoni explains. He is a research engineer at (...)
The World Bank May Cause Ecuador’s Ruin
Seven hundred million dollars. That is the sum Ecuador, one of the smallest countries in Latin America [3] was sentenced to pay to the Texaco-Chevron multinational on March (...)
Jean Ziegler: "Europe Is Playing Along With the IMF and Multinationals
Sociologist and UNO official Jean Ziegler, who has signed l’Humanité’s petition, has just published an updated version of la Haine de l’Occident (The Hatred of the West). He is (...)
Surrogate Gestation Is unacceptable
In the 18th and 19th March Humanité issues, a report on the Mennesson case seemed to challenge the Paris Appeal Court ruling against the registration in Public Records of the (...)
Feminine Identity And the Limits of Gender
Is today’s feminism undoing what the feminism of the seventies had so patiently woven? The novelist and essayist Belinda Cannone expresses her concern in her latest book. The (...)

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