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Obituary: Daniel Bensaïd, Militant And Outstanding Marxist Philosopher
Co-founder of the LCR (the communist revolutionary league), then of the NPA (the new anti-capitalist party), Daniel Bensaïd contributed, through his works and his militant (...)
The Right to Mobility: a New Human Right for the 21st Century
The right to mobility must be democratized, as a human right of the 21st century. Catherine Wihtol de Wenden is president of the scientific committee of the SSAE (support, (...)
Specific Proposals For a Truly "Greater" Paris
The definition of any metropolis is not given by its boundaries, its perimeter. What defines it is the intensity of the inter-relations that sustain its life and growth. The (...)
Say It Isn’t True!
Maurice Ulrich’s "Billet" for 14 Dec 2009
Is Roselyne Bachelot More Dangerous than the H1N1 Virus?
If brother will turn on brother, man can turn wolf on another man, isn’t it reasonable to ask if a man or woman can be more of a threat than a virus? H1N1, for that’s what we (...)

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