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A New Civilization Based on Solidarity, Sharing, and Non-Commodity Exchange.
Capitalism is a system in evolution.
Keynes Not Enough to Face Crisis, Return to Marx Necessary
For over thirty years, one school of thought has dominated economics – that “neoclassical” scientific ideology which believes in the “general equilibrium of the markets” and which (...)
Some comments on our newspaper Humanité!
Some comments on our newspaper Humanité! Submitted on April 17, 2013 - 15:42 by Pierre Kulemann. These comments are intended to help to improve the newspaper Humanité. While (...)
Marx, Lenin and, why not, somehow, Médiapart, are great investigative journalists!
This letter by Pierre Kulemann is posted in a comment to the article Journalism is not just investigation at the site.
About Strausskhanism
About strausskhanism! I believe that March 8 would have been a good moment to let people know what is the analysis of L’Huma on the DSK affairs! The following article deals (...)

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