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Are drones a threat to public freedom?
Interviews with Laurence Blisson, General Secretary of the judges’ trade union and Francis Duruflé, Vice President of the Professional Federation of Civilian Drones. Apart from (...)
Jean Ping: "Western countries didn’t let the African Union play a role"
"Was it necessary to kill Muammar Gaddafi?" [2] The question is relevant in light of the hidden civil war that has continued in Libya since 2011. The intervention of the (...)
For Putin, Russia’s Security is at Stake in Ukraine
Jean Radvanyi is a professor at INALCO (France’s National Institute for the Languages and Civilisations of the East) and author of "Retour d’une autre Russie" (Return of Another (...)
Thank you, Comrade Xi Jinping, for your visit in France!
Many French Communists love and admire Socialist China and the Chinese Communist Party. Thank you, Comrade Xi Jinping, for your visit in France Hervé Fuyet Coordinator of (...)
The New Government: "A Staggering Refusal to Listen" (Communist Party)
Although the French government’s policies have been harshly judged by voters in the municipal elections, the composition of the new Cabinet confirms the government’s staggering (...)

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