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A Second Round of the Congolese Presidential Elections under High Tension
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): The outgoing president, Joseph Kabila, leads the first round of the presidential election. He will confront his ex-army leader (...)
The Army is the Key to Real Peace in the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Decisive for advancing the democratic process, the creation of a new unified military force replacing the old allegiances is becoming (...)
Afghanistan, the First Step
The record of the intervention by Washington, which had succeeded in engaging NATO allies in the war, appears more and more counter-productive.
The Doctrine of the Neo-conservatives
The United States neo-conservatives established a theory of systematic recourse to military force in order to assure world-wide domination, presenting it as a mission for (...)
Tight Coordination between Tel-Aviv and Washington
War plans for the Middle East are put together in a close collaboration between the United States and Israeli governments.

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