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Mexico: Obrador’s Supporters Set up their Camp in Mexico City
Mexico City: the Mexican Left remains strongly mobilised in demanding an official recount of the votes for the presidential election. But the Electoral Commission is refusing (...)
Speculations about Fidel Castro’s Condition
Cuba: According to recent official information, the condition of the Cuban leader’s health is stable. However many people are building their “after” Castro (...)
Fidel Castro Temporarily Ceases to Lead Cuba
Cuba. Last Monday, Fidel Castro, the Cuban leader, announced that he is suffering from a health problem requiring intestinal surgery. He added that it will force him (...)
The Hezbollah: A Political Party or a Terrorist Organization?
The alliance of the Hezbollah with General Aoun, rather than the capture of two Israëli soldiers, is surely the element that sparked the Israëli (...)
Israël-Lebanon: Ehud Olmert Declares "Unlimited War"
Lebanon: No day to recover, no day of truce. Israël does not let up pressure on the Land of Cedars. UNICEF and the Red Cross sound the alarm. The center of Beirut is hit. The (...)

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