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The Mexican left nears victory
Mexico, special correspondent “If I had a sister who was a single mother, I would vote for Péjé because he restored dignity to both single mothers and their children by helping (...)
Is Olmert Really Intent on Saving Corporal Shilat?
Gaza. Following the abduction of nineteen-year-old Corporal Shilat during a cross-border raid on June 25, which saw the deaths of two other soldiers, Israel’s Prime Minister (...)
The Cultural Revolution Forty Years on...
In a bid to secure his own ideology throughout China, on 16 May, 1966, Mao Zedong launched an attack on the bourgeoisie which marked the start of the Cultural Revolution. This (...)
The EU and Palestine: Maintaining the Dialogue with Hamas
HUMA: Can there be negotiations with the Palestinian government?
"Extraordinary Rendition": Amnesty International Confirms US-European Complicity
Amnesty Internation denounces the CIA’s "secret flights" over Europe, transfering suspected terrorists to countries that are known to torture political (...)

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