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German Unions say No to “Salary Moderation”
On strike: Thousands of workers in the German public sector are in the third week of their battle against salary reductions and increases in working hours German public (...)
Former CIA Officer Denounces Bush’s Underhanded Tactics
The accusations of Paul Pillar, former Information Officer in the Middle East
United Nations experts: US must "close down Guantanamo camp"
Interview. Austrian UN Special Rapporteur, Manfred Nowak, is unequivocal: Prisoners detained by the US should be put on trial or brought before the courts. A special (...)
Alang, India: Globalization and the Wages of Fear
A trade union-leader exposes the workers’ lack of basic rights
In the shipyards of Alang, they destroy men as well as ships
The Clemenceau: Our special reporter has visited the site which was supposed to be the destination of the French aircraft-carrier. The story of the Clemenceau (1) has become a (...)

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