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Bolkestein Directive: Extensive Manoeuvres
Liberalisation of services: cosmetic changes to proposal
Bolkestein Directive: What’s Really in the Compromise that was Announced?
The amendments negotiated by the conservative (PPE) and the socialist (PSE) groups in the European Parliament do not upset the global equilibrium of the services directive, (...)
A Walk for Peace
A whole embattled world flooded onto the streets of Caracas for a massive demonstration in support of the anti-war lobby and social emancipation on the evening of January 24. (...)
WSF Activists Speak
WSF activists speak Atilio Boron (Argentina), Executive Secretary, CLASCO. “The persistence of imperialism and of its multifarious linkages disciplines governments seen as (...)
Poverty and Humiliation
Down Jerusalem way, the pages of history certainly turn at a rapid rate. With things in a constant state of flux, people in the public eye disappear off the scene to be (...)

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