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From Jerusalem to Kabul: An outbreak of crises
From Jerusalem to Kabul: An outbreak of crises Middle East - Strong-arm tactics of the superpowers used to “pacify” the region have failed dramatically. “I have thought long (...)
The World Conference against Racism held in Durban, South Africa, from the 31st August to the 7th September 2001, acknowledged the slave trade as a crime against (...)
Europe: liberal offensive shakes but holds
The rejection of the Constitution in France and the Netherlands put a brake on the fervour of those who wish to see a Europe given over wholly to competition. But for how (...)
Jerusalem: The European Union conceals a policy of Annexation
The main article denounces the refusal of the European Union to receive and publish a report by European diplomats on post in Jerusalem and Ramallah, a report finding a (...)
WTO deceives the poorest of the poor
Hong Kong. Friday’s compromise around a ’development package’, a collection of measures designed to ’favour’ the Least developed Countries (LDCs) is an unacceptable farrago of (...)

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