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Scandal surrounding the sale of 36 French fighter jets to India.
The Indian National Congress Party is accusing the government of embezzlement and corruption. The claims are being made with regards to an agreement made between the Indian (...)
Vietnam:. The Little Napalm Girl Now Has Hope...
Published in l’Humanité Friday, October 5, 2018
Africa: The Hunt is on for Defaulting Polluters
The Cameroon government has published a list of 395 companies who are in contravention of environmental law and who are taking their time in paying their (...)
Climate: Europe burns as the Earth heats up
Swedish Lapland, valued by tourists for its snowy landscapes, is on fire this summer. Although situated within the Arctic Circle, it has not been spared the heatwave and the (...)
Brésil. The communist Manuela D’Avila Advances Toward the Conquest of Jaburu
Published in l’Humanité on Wednesday, 3 October, 2018 The MP for Rio Grande do Sul, barely 37 years old, is candidate for the Brazilian vice-presidency alongside Fernando (...)

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