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THE RUNOFF FOR THE RICH. THE RICE GRAIN POLICY Friday, February 1, 2019 By Marie -Jean Sauret Do an experiment. Place a banknote on a table and come back later: it is more (...)
Resources: In Vittel, Water no longer Flows from the Spring
Published in l’Humanité on Thursday, December 20th, 2018 It is a story of monopolizing the common good: in the Vosges, Nestlé has appropriated the water table in order to sell (...)
Laurent Brun says: “the next phase is privatisation of the SNCF”
The contents of the Spinetta report have “confirmed all the worst fears” of the CGT. In what way do the recommendations contradict the needs of passengers? LB - This report (...)
Diplomacy from Atlanticism to Gaullism, Macron Embodies all the Lines
Within two months of his election, the new French Head of State has already attended the NATO, G7, EU summits and has had meetings with Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Angela (...)
Alternatives to uberization of labour in the making
A study by the Ministry of Labor has denounced the dangers of uberized labour and called on the government to act. Ordinary citizens are already developing apps that will (...)

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