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Emigration, Bleeding the African Continent dry
Friday 25th November, 2005: 22 bodies found off the coast of Sicily. Sunday 27th November, 2005: 22 more bodies disappearing in the Straits of Gibraltar, destined to remain (...)
Indispensable Laicism
The 100-year-old Law involving the Separation of the Church and the State constitutes a solid and vital pillar of our Republic.
History’s Revanchists
Willingness to negotiate: in refusing to review the law which requires teachers and historians to emphasise the ’positive role’ of colonialism, the UMP is whitewashing the (...)
After Forceful Removal of Residents, Speculation Can Resume by Vincent Defaix
From outward appearances, the building is hardly attractive. There is a yellowish wall slotted with metal sheets, which open onto a raw concrete floor, a space overlooked by a (...)

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