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Emmanuel Macron Does Another Favour for the Rich
The President of France has announced in an American magazine his wish to end a tax implemented to limit foreign residence for the richest of the population. The tax was set (...)
Cédric Villani: “The State will no longer seek to impose its own version.”
Maurice Audin. The French “authorities” have never acknowledged the assassination of the young Communist mathematician, Maurice Audin, by the army in June 1957. Cédric Villani (...)
The Spinetta Report, a Catastophic Scenario for the Railways
The ex-president of Air France dropped a bomb on the public service and on the SNCF: its transformation into a privatizable company, opening up of competition with private (...)
Increasing number of challenges to the government’s tax regime
Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy and Finance, believes that “lowering taxation on capital will allow business to create jobs”. Why then has the “two billion euros paid to (...)
"A Filthy Communist, He Has To Disappear"
"I think I was the one who buried the body of Maurice Audin", says Jacques Jubier, his voice trembling [2]. He pauses, and looks at those around him. But he wants to testify. (...)

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