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Mickaël Correia - Football is a fully fledged social fact
In A Popular History of Football, Mickaël Correia narrates an alternative and political tale of the world’s most popular sport. Throwing the image of global, corporate football (...)
India Could Boycott the 2012 Olympics in London
India is seriously considering whether or not to send athletes to the next Olympic Games in London in 2012 since Dow Chemical, a company linked to the Bhopal tragedy, has (...)
Teddy Riner world champion for the 5th time!
Teddy Riner is without a doubt, phenomenal. At the age of 22, the French judoka has had the greatest number wins worldwide in his sport, with an unprecedented five world (...)
Precociousness Rhymes With Success
A study jointly led by Inserm and IRMES shows that tennis players are starting to play earlier and earlier in life, which impacts upon the rest of their (...)
The Queen and the Virtues of Sport
Is Queen Elizabeth II the defender of sport among the lower classes?

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