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"In sports, doping is a tool of the trade"
Cycling: Five days before the prologue of the Tour de France, sociologist Christophe Brissonneau enlightens us about why some of the cyclists to "take their (...)
French Soccer Paralysed by Violence
Xenophobia. Yesterday’s score will be held against its violent fans: political and athletic leaders assign the entire blame for soccer’s ills to the Parisian soccer club, PSG (...)
Laurence Fischer’s Other Kumite
Karate. Crowned champion of the world this weekend in Karate combat (Kumite), the thirty-two year old woman karate champion from Marseille also fights in Afghanistan at the (...)
“A 2 or 3-minute Karate Fight Is as Demanding as an 800-meters Race”
Karate. World Championship in Finland. Laurence Fischer, current champion of Europe in Karate combat (Kumite), master of the discipline in the French Hexagon, deciphers for us (...)
English Football in Serious Trouble
As time passes more facts are disclosed. After the Sun, the BBC and the Times, it was the Evening Star that last Wednesday drew a darker image of the corruption which is (...)

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