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Boxing Against Violence
Behind the stereotype of being a "violent sport", boxing is a way of achieving personal fulfilment.
Cycling: Is Being Doped Akin to Being a Drug Addict?
Cycling: the Tour de Spain begins with the background of doping by the infamous Dr. Fuentes. The opinion of a sports psychologist.
Justin Gatlin: the World’s Fastest Man? Doping and Despair!
Althletics : A new earthquake after the revelations about the doping of Floyd Landis in the Tour de France. The fastest man in the world in the 100-metres, Justin Gatlin, has (...)
Floyd Landis: The “Tour de France” Winner Under a Cloud of Drugs
Cycling : The “Tour de France” is a major event in the French sporting calendar. On Sunday 18 July, The US cyclist, Floyd Landis won this race, with its final stretch on the (...)
Zinedine Zidane: From Devil to Victim ...
Football : The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) has set up a disciplinary enquiry into the footballer’s behaviour, after his head-butting of his Italian (...)

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